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Progressive Rock /Avangarde



* "Els nostres petits amics" (recorded in a home studio using solar powered equipment)
* "Canciones de los mundos perdidos" (1995, Lyricon)
* "Gibra'ara" (1998, Beringia)
* "Tierra de especias" (2000, recorded using only solar energy)
* "Mujer Luna" (2002)
* "Quentadharken" (2004, Tecnosaga)


Robert Santamaria -
- keyboards; acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, & Turkish Saz;
- marimba; percussion; autoharp; (+ accordion - on 9)
Victor Estrada - electric bass & Spanish guitar
Carlos Gallego - electric guitar; vocals
Manel Mayol - flute; didgeridoo; backing vocals
Robert Abella - violin
Jose Walero - tabla
Pau Zanartu - drums
Marta Segura - lead & backing vocals
Miguel Ortin - tenor saxophone & clarinet
Mireia Sisquella - soprano saxophone

AMAROK's style is quite different from the current Spanish Progressive rock movement, thanks to their tone. Led by multi-instrumentalist Robert SANTAMARIA, this mainly acoustic band uses a variety of instruments, like the guitar, oboe, violin, piano, didgeridoo, tabla, saxophone, organ, drums and percussions. Mireia SISQUELLA's clear voice creates sound-scapes characterised by their simplicity and calm, and this makes her the counterpart of Portuguese singer Teresa SALGUEIRO (MADREDEUS). Some keyboards rhythm sequences are the basis for the superb melodies pictured by the vocals, in a peaceful atmosphere between ENYA's acoustic new-age, L'ENSEMBLE RAYE's minimalist chamber rock and IN THE LABYRINTH's ethnic musics (Apart from the Indian references). "Mujer Luna" is the fifth album issued by AMAROK after "Els Nostres Petits Amics" (1994), "Canciones De Los Mundos Perdidos" (1995), "Gibra'ara" (1998) and "Tierra De Especias" (2001). It has to be mentioned that the lyrics, sung in Spanish, as well as their English translation, are all printed in the booklet. The 2004 album, called "Quentadharken", polishes the formula, getting even closer to perfection. What could be nicer than following the music in its travels without leaving his chair ?... "Retrospectiva" gathers the best tracks ever recorded by AMAROK on a CD, the summary of twelve years of recording career with sixteen songs and nearly 80 minutes of music. Let's also note some alternative versions, such as the live version of "Donde Estas Mi Amor - Conclusion", performed in 2005 at the portuguese Gouveia Art Rock Festival. Recommended !

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